About Us

Sambhaav Media Limited is an India-based company, which is engaged in the sale of other advertising space or time, and also in the publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals. The Company’s operations are carried in print media, advertising and electronic media.

Sambhaav first started in 1986 under the editorship of Shri Bhupat Vadodaria, an award winning Indian Author with more than fifty books, a journalist and has held a position of authority in the Information Department of Government of Gujarat from 1982 to 1986.

Shri Bhupat Vadodaria has charted a path of balanced, non-provocative, non-partisan journalistic tradition and consistently pursued this against several odds. True to his Gandhian approach, he has motivated and created a new hope among the budding journalists of Gujarat.

Its product line includes Sambhaav Metro, which is a tabloid daily in Gujarat with focus on Ahmedabad. Abhiyaan, Which is a Gujarat magazine that is circulated in the upper echelons of Gujarat and Mumbai. VTV News, which is a regional Gujarati News Channel, and WISE TV, which is a transit television channel.

Sambhaav Metro is a Newspaper in Gujarati published only from Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India), six days a week, with a day off on Sundays. Sambhaav, a broadsheet Gujarati Newspaper when it started has modified into a stylish, bold and smart afternoon tabloid “Sambhaav Metro” that symbolizes the “Pakku Amdavadi” concept, focusing more on the news and happenings in and around, or related to Ahmedabad.

“ABHIYAAN”, the Gujarati magazine runs the gamut of high-end living, from fascinating facts to current affairs, political views, from the State and national ground to luxury lifestyle.

“ABHIYAAN” has unparalleled access to the State’s most famous people, the exotic places they frequent and the desirable objects they own. “ABHIYAAN”, the Gujarati magazine showcases all these via exclusive features that are insightful, entertaining and presented with great appeal.

Distinguished by wit and savoir faire, “ABHIYAAN” has been an indispensable part of life for the city’s sophisticated lot for over 30 years. Published by Sambhaav Media Limited from Ahmedabad (Gujarat- India), our well-heeled readership shapes opinions and trends in Gujarat, Maharashtra and also of Gujarati’s all across the world.

VTV – FIRST HIGH DEFINITION (HD) CHANNEL OF GUJARAT, Operated by Gujarat News Broadcasters pvt. Ltd. subsidary company of Sambhaav Media Limited is a 24 hours regional news channel in Gujarat. Channel is promoted by experienced business group and and experienced journalists.

Our channel is providing content, which is HYPER LOCAL. Regional News is our prime focus. We produce more than 12 regional news bulletins in a day. To target urban viewers, every night Metro bulletin is there.

WISE TV, which is a transit television channel. WISE TV’s live entertainment transit channel is installed in 2,000 Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) buses and 50 bus depots which connects various cities in Gujarat along with parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan.